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South Africans are resilient. If you tell us we can’t live somewhere, we will put down new roots. Give us an obstacle, and we will turn it into a spectacle.

We are a nation that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word impossible. With enough hard work, ingenuity and courage, we take on daunting tasks and make it look easy.

There is no better example of this mindset than Gee My Krag. Artists and pioneers turn their homes into entirely self-dependent havens. It takes grit, discipline, and dependable systems to live like that.

At ACDC Express, we celebrate South Africans who empower themselves to live more comfortably. Whether that is a backup system to ease the burden of load shedding or going completely off the grid, we salute those who embrace technology to improve their lives.

Catch Gee My Krag on KykNET Every Thursday at 21:30 

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