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Load Shedding Doesn’t Mean it Has to be Dark Outside

While load shedding has several drawbacks to deal with, there is one facet that poses a severe risk. The lack of light, especially outside of homes and offices, creates near-perfect conditions for criminals to ply their trade uninterrupted. Luckily there are several options to ensure that your security systems aren’t compromised when Eskom flips the switch. Let’s look at some of the solutions available to protect your property.

Light it up

While many options are available for comprehensive backup power, you might want standalone lights in some situations. Perhaps the lights are in a remote location on your property, or you aren’t ready for a complete backup solution yet. In these situations, solar floodlights are your answer! These floodlights are inexpensive, easy to install and give you many options.

Solar floodlights have a small dedicated photovoltaic panel and battery, allowing you to install them almost anywhere. If they get sufficient sunlight, your floodlights will be ready for night-time, lighting up your car port, front gate or garden. 

Lighting up an area makes it much easier to spot any movement. Good lighting helps with facial recognition, allowing you to decide if the person at your fence is a stranger or not. It also helps with facial recognition if you have a camera system, as the security camera will have more light to work with. Without going into technical jargon, the more available light for a camera, the better!

Having lights all over your yard also reduces the number of hiding spots available. That giant floodlight might illuminate the nearby area very well, but those long shadows by the trees could be reduced by having more than one light source. The same can be said for parking areas, where the vehicles can create large shadows if there is only one light. There is also the added benefit of redundancy, should one of the lights get damaged or stop working.

Several solar floodlights come with motion sensors, loud alarms and cameras, allowing you to customise your security system. The floodlight isn’t the only option either. Wall lights, garden lights, street lights, lock or fence lights, and lanterns are all available as stand-alone solar variants. You can ensure the whole path from your gate to your door is bright enough so that you don’t stumble over rocks or battle to find your keys or the keyhole. When panic strikes in a scary situation, you will be glad for those precious seconds saved!

Not just for crooks

Have you ever planned where to park at night or your walking route by the light sources on the way? Having good lights on the walkways and pavements can lead to increased foot traffic in an area, which can lead to an increase in business or deter crime.

Consider the people walking or jogging near your property early in the morning or late at night. Knowing that your property is always well-lit will give people peace of mind. That increase in foot traffic in the area could lead to more patrols by neighbourhood security or police, which will deter criminals. Remember that criminals want quiet, undisturbed, dark places to avoid getting caught.

These lights can also allow you to enjoy your garden at night, regardless of load shedding. Pretty garden lights or solar lanterns near a water feature will allow you to appreciate your yard. Those wall lights are also perfect for a braai, so you can ensure you don’t ruin the meat!

If you are looking for a way to light up your driveway, garden, patio or perimeter wall, we have several types of solar lights available in-store. Visit your nearest ACDC Express and keep the lights on, even during load shedding.

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