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Smart Tech Installations are in Demand. Are you Ready?

While South Africa might lag behind the global market, keeping an eye on trends and changing spending habits is a great way to prepare for the next big thing. The latest industry set to explode is the smart tech industry, with more and more people paying for added convenience.

In 2020 the global smart market industry was worth USD 78.3 billion, with a prediction of it reaching USD 135 billion by 2025. In March of 2023, the smart home industry was worth USD 101 billion, with new forecasts predicting a value of USD 163 billion by 2028. While more developed nations will see the bulk of this transformation, the trend is worth paying attention to!

Why so Smart?

There are a few drivers of increased spend on smart tech. Every year more people become regular internet users, meaning the adoption of smart devices increases. Many developing countries are seeing an increase in disposable income, which leads to purchases that provide convenience.

But what does this mean for electricians? Most people would prefer that a professional installs their smart home system. Not everyone is tech-savvy, and some of those people aren’t the DIY types either. Even in cases where homeowners could install the smart devices themselves, many would rather have a certified electrician do it to avoid any issues, especially if it involves security systems or backup power storage.

To prepare for this, electricians need to become pretty familiar with the various new technologies and items on the market. Homeowners may know what result they want, but not know which products are capable of meeting their requirements. Besides installing these systems, one step might involve discussing various product options and offering recommendations.

Smart Tech Installations

Time to Retrofit

While newer buildings are designed with smart tech in mind, existing buildings are still a great place for installing a few smart devices! Many of these systems can tie into existing Wi-Fi networks, meaning they just need to be installed in a ceiling with minimal extra wiring. Older buildings are retrofitted to use less electricity and to integrate smart systems. This can include occupancy sensors, daylight sensors or remote lighting capabilities. Anything from smart timers to remotely accessible security cameras can be installed easily, as most manufacturers are focused on making these items simple to install in case the homeowner (or building manager) wants to do it on their own.

Not Just for the Smart Home 

While the home market is ripe for smart tech, the commercial market is a great place to showcase your product knowledge and expertise. Besides saving money through energy efficiency, building managers want to make office spaces a productive, mood-enhancing experience. Imagine how much more work gets done in an office if the lighting and temperature are always comfortable.

Knowing how to integrate all of these various smart systems, or being able to recommend options of products that can handle all of the client’s requirements, will help you to distinguish your quote or site assessment from the competition.

Fulfilling, exciting work

Working with smart tech presents a challenge, but this offers room to grow your team as well as your skills. These complex systems could be tackled by collaborating with IT departments, and are also the perfect place to mentor younger electricians. High-tech installations are much more attractive to younger electricians who are looking for a future-proof career. It certainly helps that the younger generation was born into so many of these technologies, and are familiar with them!

A booming industry is a perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. Being knowledgeable about the latest products will make clients feel comfortable with you on the job. It is also worth getting into the space now so that you are familiar with it when it becomes just another part of the job. Will you be there on the ground floor, training the next generation of electricians? We certainly think so!

Keep an eye out for more trends, tips, tricks and technology showcases with ACDC Express. Stay Plugged In!

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